5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Belly Breathing


This is EVERYTHING! Pregnant or not, belly breathing, or diaphragmatic breathing is connected to every single part of your body and its proper function. The diaphragm has been called by many the “Master Regulator” as its proper function regulates cerebrospinal fluid, the lymphatic system, organ massage and digestion motility among so many other things. Did you know that the "human body is designed to eliminate 70% of its toxins through breathing"? (Gay Hendricks, phD Conscious Breathing) Diaphragmatic breathing increases nutrient absorption and helps to eliminate toxins in the bloodstream.

A weak diaphragm can be connected to many muscular ailments as well! Do you experience frequent neck or shoulder pain/tension? The Diaphragm is the starting point for ALL muscle imbalances so belly breathing should be your first stop on the path to living pain free. Chest breathing often overworks the muscles surrounding the neck and shoulders, causing them to hold unnecessary tension and ultimately creating misalignments and pain. Because we breathe over 25,000 times a day, it's imperative to start working on placing that breath in the correct places so as to avoid undue strain.  At LSF, belly breathing is one of our core principals and we’ve seen it work wonders time and time again! We came into the world belly breathing and its the best thing you can do for your unborn baby!

When have you felt most connected to your breath?

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